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You may play the timeless casino staple Wheel of Fortune at brick-and-mortar and virtual establishments the world over. It’s surprisingly easy to pick up and play, but the stakes are high and the enjoyment is high.



You may find this popular TV game show at online casinos in the United States. But before you start playing, you should read up on the rules and the state of the game. Learn everything there is to know about the exciting TV game show Wheel of Fortune with our in-depth guide.

A national treasure and Emmy victor


Chuck Woolery hosted the original television version of Wheel of Fortune. The concept for the wheel came from casino Roulette wheels, and the first episode of the show, which debuted in 1972 under the name Shopper’s Bazaar, was shown that year. Merv Griffin, the show’s originator, worked with a Caesar’s Palace executive to design the wheel.


When asked why they should play, why should I?

There are no convoluted guidelines or strategies required.

The game has the potential for very large payouts.

The element of chance makes it a thrilling experience.

More A Note on the Virtual Game

Wheel of Fortune initially began as a game show, but it quickly gained popularity in real-world casinos and then expanded to the online casino market. The game works the same way it does at a physical casino, with a big wheel that can be spun to reveal prizes in both the online and physical versions. It’s simple to play, and a random number generator decides the outcome.


Rotation of a Wheel

This game makes use of a big, segmented play wheel, with one segment representing a different possible prize or symbol. Typically, the play wheel will have anywhere from 24 to 54 individual segments.


Most Wheel of Fortune games employ symbols for prizes instead of listing them on the segments. Bets are placed on which symbol the player thinks the play wheel will land on; winnings vary depending on the symbol. If you want to win, you should look at the payout schedule first.


Rewards & Extra Play

The game frequently includes a variety of bonuses and bonus rounds. The bonus round is activated when a player spins the wheel and lands on the bonus symbol. Jackpots or other unique prizes may be up for grabs in this round.


Problems in Gameplay

Word games and other tasks are only some of the gameplay challenges players may face. Word puzzles, where contestants had to guess the solution while collecting letters from a spinning wheel, were a staple of the original game show.


Modifications and Enhancements

Jackpots and “bet on all,” which lets you wager on any symbol, are two of the newest additions to slot machines. There are live versions of the game where real people act as hosts.


The following is a detailed explanation of how to play Wheel of Fortune, despite the game’s seeming complexity.


Gamble on It


1.Place a Wager


Before you can begin playing, you’ll need to decide how much you want to wager and then select a symbol.


Turn the Tables


It’s a Spin!


Try your luck by spinning the official wheel.


Watch The Result


3.Watch The Outcome


Don’t move till the wheel stops. If your symbol appears on the play wheel, you win.


Redo the Spin!


Spin Some More!


If your bankroll allows it, you can place further wagers and spin the wheel regardless of the outcome.


No matter how skillful you are, you won’t be able to improve your odds at this casino game. Bets can still be strategically placed, though. Bet sizing strategies like the Martingale, D’Alembert, and Labouchere are used by many players. These methods won’t improve your odds of winning, but they can help you manage your bankroll better.


Gain for the House and Payout

The RTP, payout, and house advantage for Wheel of Fortune games vary widely from one version to the next. The house edge in most games is between 5% and 3%, with the majority of them falling between 95% and 97%. Payouts will vary per game and by which symbols you wager on.


House Advantage and Payouts when Playing American Wheel of Fortune Online

Result of a Name BetWheel Symbols CountHouse Logo with an Edge40:1 24 24.07%

Joker 40:1 15 24.07%

20 20:1 7 22.22%

10 10:1 4 18.52%

5 5:1 2 22.22%

2 2:1 1 16.67%

1 1:1 1 11.11%

In the American version of Wheel of Fortune, there are 54 spaces for different icons.


Payout Name for Australian Version of Wheel of Fortune and House Edge BetWheel Symbols CountHouse Logo with an Edge40:1 24 7.69%

Joker 40:1 12 7.69%

20 20:1 8 7.69%

10 10:1 4 7.69%

5 5:1 2 7.69%

2 2:1 1 7.69%

1 1:1 1 7.69%

The Australian version of the Wheel of Fortune game features 52 symbols per wheel.


Is That So?

Although Wheel of Fortune first aired on American television, it quickly became a global phenomenon. The show was so successful Down Under that it spawned a local knockoff. In Australia, they gave out a million dollars. The American version is typically available at US-facing online casinos.


Permissions and Licenses

Sony Pictures holds the trademark on the Wheel of Fortune name, therefore any game using the name must have a license to do so. Therefore, the formal name is rarely used in games involving a wheel. However, the popular TV game may be played legally at online slots.


Mobile/App-Based Gaming

A player can access a mobile casino site and play an exciting mobile game anywhere they have service. If you prefer mobile gaming, you can play this title on your tablet or smartphone. You may be able to play at a mobile casino without installing an app if one is available. The mobile version of Wheel of Fortune and other free word games are simple to play thanks to the touch screen controls.


More Playing Opportunities

The folks of Wheel of Fortune also made these fun multiplayer games you can play online:


The Bingo Wheel

Players who enjoy both Bingo and Wheel of Fortune will have a blast with Wheel Bingo.


Find Your Luck with Word Games

Word puzzle action on the classic game show’s recognizable board, complete with a wheel for more excitement.


The Ultimate Toss-Up

In order to complete a Toss Up challenge, competitors must first complete a series of word puzzles.


Common Questions About the Online Version of Wheel of Fortune

I was wondering if you could play Wheel of Fortune on the internet.

The popular TV game show may be watched on your computer.


When do you spin the wheel?

The game of Wheel of Fortune relies on chance. After making its name on television, this game quickly spread online. This game may be learned in a few simple steps. First, you’ll make your wagers on the symbols, spin the wheel, and see what happens.


How about a free game of Wheel of Fortune?

The Wheel of Fortune games can be tried without spending any money.


Is there anywhere I can go to play Wheel of Fortune for actual cash?

It’s true that you can spin the virtual wheel for cash prizes at reputable online casinos.